#HappyMail: Clean Comfort by Stacey Morris

Clean Comfort by Stacey Morris ©Literati Girl

Clean Comfort by Stacey Morris ©Literati Girl

I can’t wait to start reading this book! It’s partly Stacey’s incredible weight loss story, part cookbook with yummy, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes!

Stacey is very active in the DDPYoga community. That’s where I know her from. This type of yoga was invented by wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) and combines traditional yoga poses with dynamic resistance, making it a zero-impact workout that really gets your blood pumping.

Part of the DDPYoga programme is a lifestyle change. Ideally, to have the best results if you really want to lose weight with this programme, you should aim to go gluten-free, sugar-free (obviously) and dairy-free. There are 3 different phases, though, so you don’t have to stop everything all at once, you can ease into it.

Stacey is a major inspiration for anyone in the DDPYoga community. Her 180 lbs weight loss is legendary! In her book, she describes her personal struggles, the insights she gained when she looked at her eating habits and how this lifestyle change finally allowed her to heal.

I will be reviewing this book as soon as I’ve tried a few of her recipes!