Review Policy

Hello, author! Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer for your book! Please take a minute to read my Review Policy before submitting a Review Request to me.

  • I prefer paperback copies, but can also review eBooks (pdf preferred, but all other formats including Adobe Digital Editions can be opened as well), or audiobooks / full-cast productions (CD or mp3 preferred).
  • English is my preferred reading language, but as a bilingual native speaker, I will also review books originally published in German.
  • I welcome all publishing methods, from big publishing houses to small and indie press. As I believe in helping fellow writers, I will also review self-published authors, as long as the work has been edited (no glaring typos, grammatical errors etc.) and the synopsis is strong and convincing.
  • Genres I read include YA, crime, thriller/mystery, fantasy, comedy, travel, dystopian. A little bit of magic and/or intrigue can never hurt. LGBTQIA characters are amazing – as long as the story itself is not pure romance. I’m also quite specific about the sort of sci-fi I like – please enquire first and send me a synopsis.
  • I do not accept romance, horror, or anything with explicit sex or non-con scenes. At this point ,I am also not taking requests for non-fiction (except travelogues), or books in a series out of order.
  • While I will do my best to review your book as soon as possible, I can’t make any promises and you should allow up to 4 weeks. ARC reviews will be posted 1-2 weeks before publication date if possible.



  • My review will be completely honest, fair and respectful. I am not affiliated with any retailers or publishers, and every book gets the same chance.
  • Review will be primarily in English, UNLESS it’s a German language book. If translations will be published soon, please let me know, and I’ll happily translate the review into the other language (please also mention foreign title, publisher, different page count etc.)
  • My rating system can be found below. In the very rare case that I DNF (Did Not Finish) the book, I will explain why. However, I reserve the right to still publish an honest review.
  • Each review will include the vital info of author, title, publisher, number of pages and ISBN, as well as a picture of the cover of the reviewed edition.
  • If it’s an ARC, I will include the release date, and aim to publish the review 1 or 2 weeks before the publication date.
  • I will happily provide a link for you to the review, and share the review on other open-access review sites if you let me know where. All reviews posted outside of this blog have to carry my by-line (either Conny Kaufmann and/or Literati Girl) and a link back to the original review on this blog. If you would like to be tagged on any social media, please include your username(s) or designated hashtags in your communication with me.

My Rating System

♥♥♥♥♥ Loved it and can’t praise it enough! Amazingly interesting plot, excellent writing style, kept me captivated to the last page.

♥♥♥♥     Really liked the story, it’s well-crafted and I highly recommend it. Super glad to have found and read it!

♥♥♥        I liked the story. It’s a good, decent read. Might not have been completely to my tastes, or had some minor issues.

♥♥           Story and writing style were okay, but it had a few issues. It may be to someone else’s taste but I would probably not read it again.

              Did not care for the story and / or writing style and would not recommend it. Too many issues or a plot that lacked any momentum. 

=  ½    Indicates half a star towards the next higher rating. Plot and style rated somewhere inbetween the two options.