Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 “Older” Books I Don’t Want People To Forget

Top Ten Tuesday is the brainchild of The Broke & the Bookish. Every Tuesday, we compile a list of our literary Top 10, and then add it to the blog hop.

This week is all about our Top 10 Older Books I Don’t Want People To Forget About.




6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 “Older” Books I Don’t Want People To Forget

  1. readerbuzz says:

    I think I could focus my entire blog on older titles that I don’t want people to forget. Little Prince would definitely be there. Maurice, however, is new to me. Thank you.

    Here’s my Top Ten! I take on a subgenre: Armchair Foodie Travel Books.


  2. Conny Kaufmann says:

    Oh yes, I’m hoping to add a few reviews of older titles to my blog once I’ve worked my way through my current TBR shelf.
    Maurice is a revolutionary story, really. Written in 1913-1914, but only published posthumously in 1971, it’s a homosexual love story set in Edwardian England at a time when there, first of all, wasn’t a proper term for homosexuality yet, and having a relationship with someone of the same gender was still a crime that carried a sentence of several years in prison with hard labour.


  3. vendija723 says:

    I just love that Hobbit cover. I’ve read other Forster, but not Maurice. My family got to see an outdoor production of Midsummer Night’s Dream this summer; they really made it fun even for kids who couldn’t quite follow the language. I agree with Deb; it would be easy to devote lots of blog space to classics and older titles that should still be read! Thanks for the post.


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