Sharing a school photo to celebrate the importance of #school and #education for children living in crises worldwide.
This is me, in my 7th Form uniform when I was an exchange student at Waitakere College in Auckland, New Zealand in 2003/2004. I was incredibly lucky and incredibly honoured to go to school abroad and it furthered my education and personal growth beyond measure. And – coming from Germany where students don’t wear uniforms – I wore my uniform (and Manawanui House colours) with pride. Many children, and especially girls, around the world still don’t have access to basic education, let alone opportunities like high school graduation or exchange years abroad.
We take our education for granted, when many children don’t have a school to go to, or their parents have no means of even affording primary education. Especially in a crisis, it is important to ensure that children have access to teachers and resources, so that they have a chance in life and the right skills once they overcome the crisis and make their own way. #righttoeducation #Emergencylessons #unicef #waitakerecollege #manawanui ©theliteratigirl

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