A to Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

Literati Girl is participating in this year’s A to Z Challenge, a blog hop that will see more than 1.000 bloggers worldwide blog their way through the alphabet throughout the month of April.

So on April 1, the post will have to do with the letter A and then every day (except Sundays) will be a different letter, finishing on Z on April 30.

As Literati Girl is a bookish blog, my theme will be:


This will mainly include reviews, but also the occasional cover discussion and other bookish topics.

Well, I’ve got to establish myself somehow with a brand new blog, don’t you agree? I’ve actually been blogging on Study.Read.Write. for one and a half years, and participated in last year’s A to Z Challenge, but Literati Girl is me living out my bookish side. I have recently decided to branch out and set up a new website for everything literature-related, and this is the result.

I will be reviewing books from A to Z, some I have already read, some I’ll be reading for the challenge. Once the challenge is over, I will continue to review anything I read or listen to as audio books.

Check out what themes the other bloggers have chosen for their A to Z Chellenge.

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